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Sunday, December 2, 2012

SKYCLAD / Prince of the Poverty Line (1994)

My interest in Skyclad is dependent primarily on Martin Walkyier's presence, particularly his vocal style, his gift for lyric writing and his clever wordplay. It may be hard to believe, but the usually happy jig music comes second to that. The PotPL album is heavier than previous works, which to my ears is a good thing.
The more serious tone reflects the more serious concept of urban decay in a post-Thatcherite Britain. It no longer conjures images of faeries dancing idyllically around fly agaric. It replaces those with flies buzzing hungrily around a cardboard shack. It's gloomy but it's a type of progression.

Songs of Note: The One Piece PuzzleWomb of the Worm 

3½ simple solutions out of 5

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