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Friday, December 7, 2012

NOFX / Self Entitled [2012]

Saying to oneself "I think I'll make a new album" and six months later have it on store shelves should get you some sort of award for speed & dedication.
Fat Mike and the NOFX slob-punks did just that with 2012's Self Entitled.  Only when it comes to NOFX it's not particularly groundbreaking or constantly top-notch song-writing but it's always dependable to be fast, upbeat, riddled with catchy vocal hooks and a lyrical combination of cleverness & crudeness.
Expect nothing more or less from these ageing brat-punks and there's no reason to be disappointed.

3 war-ceasing whores out of 5

Songs Of Note: 72 HookersMy Sycophant Others

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