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Saturday, December 22, 2012

GILES COREY / Deconstructionist [2012]

Dan Barrett's self-titled Giles Corey debut album was a soundscape dark folk record that was a difficult, depressing and thoroughly fascinating listen.  2012's digital-only album Deconstructionist is even more of a difficult and fascinating listen that can't really be described as music at all. 
It's an unsettling experiment on the effects of the brain using sounds and subtle rhythm that can only be described as an auditory philosophical experience.  A dark, moody and implicative journey is what Barrett's created and makes it hard to recommend to everybody.  Accompanied by a digital booklet that is essential reading before embarking on the trip allows the listener to make sense of what Barrett set out to do.  

4 tools of the mind out of 5

Songs Of Note: It's meant to be a 90 minute listening experience with no interruptions, so I will respect that.

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