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Saturday, December 8, 2012

PURITY RING / Shrines [2012]

The electro-dream pop duo known as Purity Ring seem to be making quite a name for themselves with their 2012 debut album Shrines.
Vocalist Megan James sugarsweet voice gives chills & haunts with poetic lyrics that paint such bold and disturbing images.  Meanwhile, Corin Roddick's slick and full production is eerily effectivie but needs a bit more work to make it last.  It's well defined and maybe it's exactly what the duo were aiming for, but the wobbly, stuttering strobe effect becomes pretty tiresome after 4 songs, nevermind a whole album.  
Still, it's an incredibly solid debut album which leaves room for inevitably great development.

3½ holes in the eyelids out of 5

Songs Of Note: AmenamyBelispeak

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