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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BLINK 182 / Dogs Eating Dogs EP [2012]

With 2011's Neighborhoods being pop-punkers blink-182's first album after their bittersweet reunion, it felt a bit like dizzily walking on eggshells albeit a warm welcome back.  Now a year later, the Dogs Eating Dogs EP is released independently and sounds like the boys are done testing the waters and comfortable as a creative & collaborative effort once more.  No longer on a major label, the production sounds free, if not a bit off in a few moments, while the songwriting and structures free flowly without the restraint of studio execs seeking a hit single.    If this is any indication of what their next full-length is going to sound like then it's safe to say, these guys still have staying power.

4 crippling fears of heights out of 5

Songs Of Note: Dogs Eating DogsDisaster

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