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Saturday, December 8, 2012

SUPER 8-BIT BROTHERS / Strife [2012]

The idea of Tub Ring's Rob Kleiner & Kevin Gibson developing the video game sound & their own off-kilter style into an album sounded like kitschy gold to me. 
Unfortunately Super 8-Bit Brothers' third album, 2012's Strife isn't exactly what I had hoped for.  It might not be a terrible experience but not as innovative as one might expect from these guys and the concept they have on the table. Instead it sounds like a band trying to mimic a watered down Rob Zombie album from the mid-90's with Mike Patton on vocals.
I respect Kleiner for doing whatever the fuck he wants, whether it be his solo albums, Tub Ring, The Satanics, his film scores or this project and releasing album after album for free, so I can't be too harsh on this.

3 game overs out of 5

Songs Of Note: 100 PercentRoll It Up

1 comment:

Colin Hill said...

I don't suppose you still have this album lying around? Their original upload expired, and you're one of the few people who seems to have ever even mentioned the album.