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Thursday, December 29, 2011

BANG DATA / Maldito Carnaval [2011]

A smooth latin fusion of rap, rock, cumbia and reggae, Bang Data's debut EP Maldito Carnaval is the definition of "cool".
Fronted by bilingual vocalist Deuce Eclipse, Maldito Carnaval demands to be played loud, preferably over many drinks after dusk. 7 tracks of pure chilled-out booty-shakin', Bang Data's EP is too short to get old and pretty much begs for back-to-back repeat listens. Laced with intricate güiro drum breaks reminiscent of classic Los Fabulosos Cadillacs or Cypress Hill and finger plucked guitar solos not unlike anything you wouldn't expect from Latin music, Bang Data's debut is a head-turner.
With a little more push from the press, Bang Data could easily begin dominating the music scene with their special brand of dance within the year.

4½ Breaking Bad's out of 5

Songs Of Note: Bang Data; Pressure

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