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Thursday, December 29, 2011

VARIOUS ARTISTS / Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2011]

The soundtrack to the noir/thriller Drive, like the film itself, is slick, stylish and sexy with a menacing undercurrent of extreme violence constantly waiting to break free.
Seasoned with a collection of cool retro-synthpop songs that sound like they've been pulled right out of the '80's, the Drive soundtrack is all about style and boy does it ever have it. Composer Cliff Martinez's ambient score pulsates and thrives like the sun is just going down or just readying to come up.
With the way-cool moody synthpop songs and Martinez's broody soundscape, Drive is without a doubt a front-runner for best soundtrack collection of 2011.

4 hammers out of 5

Songs Of Note: NIGHTCALL by Kavinsky & Lovefoxx; A REAL HERO by College & Electric Youth

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