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Thursday, December 1, 2011

SCRATCHING POST / This Time it's Personal (2004)

TTiP is a frustrating album. It's heavy and in your face half the time, and teenage girl Pop-rock the remainder of the time. It's the vocals that ruin it. Nicole Hughes has an admittedly decent voice, but it sits at opposite sides of the room from the thick bass and drum sound, and when they come together it's a mess. She'll occasionally let out a scream that fits better, but then fall back into Bubblegum territory for the chorus. The only track that I found to be successful was the scathing Wake Up You're On Fire, it had a brutality that everything else lacked, and that's mostly due to her not having much to do with it. It's not a keeper, but the disc won't go to waste. I'll give it to a friend's teenage daughter. She'll probably like it.

Songs of Note: Wake Up You're On Fire; Militiagan

1 pointless bonus track out of 5

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