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Thursday, December 29, 2011

VESPERTINA / The Waiting Wolf [2011]

One of the biggest disappointments of 2011 is the lack of attention paid to the operatic trip-hop duo Vespertina (comprised of Jedi Mind Tricks' Stoupe and vocalist/pianist Lorrie Doriza).
With their wonderfully melodramatic debut album The Waiting Wolf, Vespertina seemed like they would receive a considerate more amount of buzz than they actually did. Doriza's powerful vocals are both playful, sweet and laced with a vengeful streak. While Stoupe's production and beats compliment Doriza's songwriting without ever getting too busy or distracting.
A flare for the theatrics and storytelling, The Waiting Wolf is one of the most highly recommended albums of 2011.

5 Rabbit Holes out of 5

Songs Of Note: The Girl In The Basement; Devil's Dance

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