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Saturday, December 10, 2011

BURZUM / From The Depths of Darkness (2011)

From the Depths is an odd release. It's mostly re-recorded versions of songs from the seminal Burzum (1992) and Det Som Engang Var (1993) albums. Gone is the atmospheric lo-fi production in favour of a more precise, bombastic one. But the soul is missing somehow, the fierce angst and "fuck you" attitude is totally absent. The screech is less severe, which may be a good thing if you didn't like it, but an old Varg attempting to recreate a young (or better?) Varg is a depressing thought.
Anyhow, if you weren't aware, it's Black Metal but with a production that pretends it isn't. If you're new to the Black then maybe you'll be able to appreciate the release a lot more than I'm able to do.

Songs of Note: The original versions of them all.

2 mostly pointless but not terrible endeavours out of 5

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