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Sunday, December 18, 2011

TROUBLE / Manic Frustration (1992)

Leaving behind the heavy Doom tones of earlier releases, Manic Frustration saw Trouble embrace a more psychedelic vibe. The riffs are still there but they sound happier and don't drag on as long. Trouble's music sounds like it was made in the 70s and pulled through a time portal into present day (present day being '92). Produced by Rick Rubin's beard, the production is good but oddly lacking bass. It doesn't have a bad song on it, though, unless you're averse to a ballad.
Long out of print, at time of writing, your options are to buy it digitally in lossy formats or get ripped off by a second-hand seller. The latter is the lesser crime.

Songs of Note: Memory's Garden; Come Touch the Sky

Note: All songs lead into each other, so the abrupt cut off evident in the links won't be noticeable on the album.

4 dreams of good times out of 5

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