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Thursday, December 8, 2011

KING DIAMOND / Abigail (1987)

King's second solo album is a significant step-up from his début. It's a tale of horror so perfect that Poe would've been proud to put his name to it; the only difference is it's told through the medium of traditional heavy metal music and not just prose. Andy La Roque coaxed howls of pain and ecstasy from his guitar that haven't aged a day. King used his screech to better effect, and his growls sound like ten people in unison. Listen to how tight the band is on the album and you'll understand why many folks consider it their masterpiece.
The remaster greatly improved the sound, so grab it if you can. FTR, it sounds 100 times better than these links:

Songs of Note: A Mansion in Darkness; The Family Ghost

5 shadows at the gate out of 5

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