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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

THE WAR ON DRUGS / Slave Ambient [2011]

After 3 proper releases, The War On Drugs are really coming into their own on Slave Ambient.
A perfect mixture of rustic rock ala Tom Petty & Bruce Springsteen and a heavy dose of dreamlike spacey grandeur of more recent acts like Spiritualized & God Is An Astronaut. A warm sounding album that never really has any sing-a-long choruses or instant hit singles but plenty of instrumental bits and rhythms to make it incredibly interesting and almost euphoric.
This is good ol' fashioned salt of the earth rock n' roll with a coat of post-rock sound design that just makes you feel good. One of the definitive highlights of the year.

5 Tom Petty's in Space out of 5

Songs Of Note: Your Love Is Calling My Name; Baby Missiles

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