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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

JEFFREY LEWIS / 12 Crass Songs (2007)

Anarchic British punk band CRASS covered by an American in an acoustic indie (anti)folk style.  It really shouldn’t work.  Acoustic guitar, vocals, bongo drums and piano married to punk sensibilities and scathing lyrics make this one of the most unique albums on my hard drive.  CRASS never got the recognition they deserved for their lyrics - hearing them delivered in such a clear manner gives them a new, modern power that finds much of it still relevant despite being decades old.  The songs are the same; you’ll recognise them instantly if you’re at all familiar with the originals, there is the occasional lyric change but nothing disrespectful.

Songs of Note: I Ain't Thick; System System

4 Punk is Folk is Dead out of 5

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