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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

R.E.M. / New Adventures In Hi-Fi [1996]

While on on a successful, yet physically grueling, tour in support of their Monster album, R.E.M. recorded 1996's New Adventures In Hi-Fi. Battered and beatdown, Hi-Fi captures those feelings perfectly without sacrificing any quality.
Pacing back and forth between the grungy rock style of Monster and the softer, solemn side of Automatic For The People, Hi-fi merges both styles flawlessly. While the hard-rock sound on Monster sounded forced and over-bloated, here they sound more grounded and organic.
In a era where Britpop, Girlpower and gunned down rappers were dominating the charts, New Adventures In Hi-fi went largely unnoticed. Over time, it would become the classic album it deserved to be. A welcome addition to my desert island discs.

5 perfect road albums out of 5

Songs Of Note: E-bow The Letter; Leave

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