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Friday, December 23, 2011

MANOWAR / Kings of Metal (1998)

It's Heavy Metal with a capital H and a capital M. It's also cheesy as hell, but get a good amp and a set of floor-standing speakers and it'll kick your eardrums out your ass. I unashamedly love Manowar, and if you like your Metal traditional, with widdly solos, pounding bass and the loudest drums ever recorded (Guinness book of records agrees), then maybe you will, too. Just remember to have a laugh at yourself once in a while, because it keeps life bearable.
It's rumoured that if you slip into an unwashed loincloth and wave a plastic sword around, it will increase your listening pleasure of Kings of Metal.

WARNING: May cause excessive manliness and a love of leather pants.

Songs of Note:  ALL of them, but try: Wheels of Fire; Hail and Kill first.

5 tales for the grandkids out of 5

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