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Thursday, December 8, 2011

THE MISFITS / Static Age (1997)

Nary a month goes by that I don't play The Misfits. It says 1997 up there but it isn't the watered down piss of new Misfits, it was recorded in 1978 but never released in its current form at the time. Their discography is a mess of dates.
Static Age is early American punk with the Evil Elvis on vocals, sounding like he'd necked a bottle of Jack D before hitting the studio. Simplistic riffs delivered with style and a total of seventeen songs in thirty minutes. The awful production and overly obvious hi-hats are part of the charm. Everyone should own a Misfits album.

Songs of Note: Last Caress; Bullet

5 maggots in the eye of love out of 5

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