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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

CITIES AVIV / Digital Lows [2011]

Cities Aviv's debut album Digital Lows is a broody and seductive hip-hop record filled with intelligent and often smugly humorous two-liners.
It's chilled out and hazy production almost allows it to fall into the stoner-rap genre but Cities Aviv is much too alert and witty to go in that direction. With lyrics that go from the hopeful to the downright seething, Digital Lows is somewhat of an emotional mish-mash which is refreshing compared to a lot of one-note hip-hop acts.
There's no singles, hooks or repetitive lyrics here...just finely crafted songwriting that shamefully went largely ignored this year.

4 White Bitches That Like Mr. Bungle out of 5

Songs Of Note: Die Young; Sixsixsixes

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