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Sunday, December 18, 2011

THE SISTERS OF MERCY / A Slight Case of Overbombing (1993)

The inevitable 'end of an era' Best Of... but it's one that collects all the A-Sides of the Sisters' singles, so it includes stuff that isn't on any of the previous albums, which warrants it's inclusion for review. Under the Gun, Temple of Love (1992 - Touched by the hand of Ofra Haza) and some remixes are all new - unless you were lucky enough to have bought the singles at time of release.
It does what very few Best Of... albums do, which is manage to be both a good starting point for new listeners who've yet to be turned onto the dance-friendly gothic beats, and be an essential purchase for existing fans.
It says Volume One on the front, but there never was a Volume Two.

Songs of Note: Temple of Love (1992)Under The Gun

5 fuck yous to the record company out of 5

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