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Thursday, December 29, 2011

ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS / Songs Of Man [2011]

The alt-country scene in Canada is booming so it's hard to pick out the cream of the crop but One Hundred Dollars' sophomore album Songs Of Man solidifies them a spot near the top.
A deeply textured and full body of music, Songs Of Man showcases Simone Schmidt's gravelly mumbled vocal delivery that sounds almost like beaten down Dolly Parton after 30 years of cigarettes and whiskey.
More country music than alternative this time around, Songs Of Man may not be the best album to slide into this genre but for the all ready initiated this is a fine album indeed.

4 calloused voices unheard out of 5

Songs Of Note: Where The Sparrows Drop; Aaron's Song

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Dr Faustus said...

"Dolly Parton after 30 years of cigarettes and whiskey" was what got me excited. I like the links. I'll look out for this. Nice review.