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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SOCIAL DISTORTION / Hard Times & Nursery Rhymes [2011]

Over 30 years being together as a band it'd be just too easy to churn out albums for a quick cash-grab or go on "Best Of" arena tours. Rockabilly country-punker Mike Ness & Social Distortion have never been the ones to take the easy route though.
The SD boys never really venture into new territory and stick pretty close to the exact same sound they had in the early 80's and that's all right. Ness' songwriting skills are still solid as ever and you can tell the man still gives a damn about his music.
It's familiar territory and it's great.

3½ Hank Williams with a 'tude out of 5

Songs Of Note: Road Zombie; Diamond In The Rough

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