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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DANZIG / Circle of Snakes (2004)

It sucked being a Danzig fan for many years, but it did eventually get better. Before that, however, we got Circle of Snakes. The numbers ended (if you were counting, it's number VIII) and, yes, there's another new line-up. Jebus. Revolving-door-zig. The music is uninspired, with Glenn's vocals lower in the mix than ever before. There are times when he almost manages to be the Evil Elvis of old but it's not like coming home, it's like remembering home while being stuck in a shitty motel. The song Night BeSodom reminds of Danzig III (1992), but the new guitar sound of Tommy Victor (Prong) isn't well-suited to the vocals. I hope Fonzig regretted sacking Christ, Von and Biscuits.

Songs of Note: 1000 Devils Reign; Black Angel, White Angel

2½ snakes and stuff... meh out of 5

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