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Friday, December 23, 2011

THE WILDHEARTS / Earth Vs The Wildhearts (1993)

A power pop/rock band from Newcastle (home of the brown ale) that made a minor dent in the UK rock music scene way back when.  It’s hard to hate the catchy riffs and sing-along choruses they chug out, even when you notice the structure of each song is virtually the same.  Ginger (vocals) is a great front man and seems to be always full of energy.  The songs are similarly imbued.  The best compliment I can give them is to say they are fun and full of good time melodies.  If you’re in the mood for this kind of light-hearted pop/rock then they shouldn’t disappoint.

Songs of Note:  Caffeine BombMy Baby is a Headfuck

2½ Suckerpunches from Shitsville out of 5

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