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Thursday, December 15, 2011

DANZIG / Danzig 7:77: I Luciferi (2002)

Glenn (mostly) leaves behind the awful fuzzy sound that he toyed with for a few years and instead embraces a hell of bad lyrics, S+M silliness and recycled riffs that no longer feel like they're played with passion. The trend of making everything louder continues and the blues influence that helped define him is almost completely eliminated; his voice needed that accompaniment to really shine. There are a few moments where he keeps things at a sensible level (Dead Inside), but while it's nowhere near as bad as Blackacidevil it's still not something I'd recommend many people rush out and buy.

NOTE: There was a live album between 6:66 and 7:77, but life's too short to listen to its awfulness more than once, so I skipped it. My ears thanked me.

Songs of Note: Unendlich; Black Mass

2½ snakes and porn stars out of 5

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