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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BALKAN BEAT BOX / Blue Eyed Black Boy [2010]

By fusing Jamaican dub, Mediterranean and Balkan traditional musical styles and dance-heavy hip-hop, Israeli music act, Balkan Balkan Beat have established themselves as one of the most unique groups working today.
On their third album, Blue Eyed Black Boy, BBB have smoothed out all the kinks of their previous albums and now it sounds as if every genre and texture flows together quite naturally. While they were mostly an excellent live band before and somewhat watered down for the studio, BBB manages to excel in both worlds with BEBB.
Being their best album yet, I look forward to what Balkan Beat Box have in store for us next.

4 Gogol Bordello Values out of 5

Songs Of Note: Dancing With The Moon; Lijepa Mare

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