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Friday, November 25, 2011

JARBOE / Disburden Disciple (2000)

Jarboe embraces experimental. Her music is full of textures, loops, projected beauty and synchronized disharmony. Her voice is strong, passionate and unique; it still gives way to the percussion a lot but she's ceased hiding it behind the music. Piano, guitar, bass and drums seem to be fighting each other for dominance on the album, creating a power play that becomes a great strength. It's harsh at times, avant-garde always, but I find her enthralling. I can't see it appealing to anyone that didn't like her work in Swans, though. If you're one of the ones that did enjoy those days, then Disburden Disciple is worth the effort.

Songs of Note: Consume Me; Dear 666

3½ portraits of the artist out of 5

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