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Saturday, November 19, 2011

ZACK HEMSEY / The Way [2011]

Starting off in the cinematic hip-hop project, Nine Leaves, composer Zack Hemsey has paved quite a nice road for himself over the course of his career.
The Way (the follow-up to his solo album debut, Empty Room) is a stunning visual-inducing album that's best saved for a rainy day. With's it's moody soundscapes and cinematic styled instrumentals, Hemsey's latest effort is more New Age music than hip-hop now. Only including a small handful of vocal tracks, The Way is more open to more listeners and is probably the best album to start off with.
He may not be a very original artist as his songs sound like clones of NIN, Hans Zimmer or Brian Eno but it's still a fine album for background listening while letting your creative juices flow.

3½ Redemptive Towns out of 5

Songs Of Note: Vengeance; End Of An Era

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