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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OINGO BOINGO / Boingo [1994]

Oingo Boingo's final studio album 1994's Boingo is a bitter-sweet farewell to a band who had been recording since 1976.
Incorporating the Gothic sounds of frontman Danny Elfman's film scoring into the mix is every fan's dream come true. Nearly dropping all signs of the horn section, The Vandals guitarist Warren Fitzgerald steps in giving it a modern feel. With lyrical jabs at organized religion, the kids these days, American fueled war and society's silly elitists, Elfman borders dangerously close to grumpy old man cynicism.
Juggling horror-laced material, good ol' rockers and insanely beautiful ballads, Boingo is Elfman's finest hour in the rock music genre. Another addition to my desert island disc collection.

5 Tender Lumplings out of 5

Songs Of Note: Insanity; Helpless [available on cassette only]

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