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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NOFX / Coaster [2009]

NOFX have been making their special brand of pop-punk for slobs for nearly 30 years now and they don't seem to be running out of steam.
Coaster (or Frisbee as it's known as on vinyl) is their 11th studio album and there's no shortage of fast-paced punchy melodic pieces of enjoyable sneers and jeers. Clocking in at just over 30 minutes it's next to impossible to grow bored of the samesy sounding songs they constantly pump out.
It's difficult not to give NOFX anything but 3 stars. They're still doing the same thing they've been doing for 3 decades but they've never tried to be anything but. Just good ol' fashioned pop punk that spits in the faces of the crap that the youth of today are fooled into thinking is rebellious.

3 songs about Iron Maiden and Tegan & Sara out of 5

Songs Of Note: Best God In Show; I'm An Alcoholic

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