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Thursday, November 24, 2011

THE BLACK BELLES / The Black Belles (2011)

The Black Belles look interesting and seem to have their shit together when it comes to promotion, but the music isn't quite as entertaining as all that. The production is lorded over by Jack White (The White Stripes), and while I've never really taken to his day job, I can appreciate his production abilities elsewhere - he did a fantastic job for Loretta Lynn in 2004. The Belles sound like TWS played in a pretend garage, with a forced quirky-punk attitude that just sounds wrong to my ears. But what do I know? They may end up on a Tarantino soundtrack someday and be the definition of retro-cool for a time.

Songs of Note: Leave you with a Letter; What Can I do?

2 black loads on wash-day out of 5

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