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Thursday, November 24, 2011


After 1999's monumental 69 Love Songs, synth-pop band The Magnetic Fields had a lot to live up to. In a brave move, they ditched the synths and relied heavily on guitars and strings for the selfishly titled i, the first part of trilogy of albums called No Synth.
Like a smug hybrid of Ian Curtis, Shane McGowan and Cole Porter, Fields' frontman Stephen Merrit sounds as if he's been taking some much needed vocal lessons. The songs are friendly enough, the lyrics are fantastic and the production is top-notch, only the album lacks in enough songs to make a great record. Not to say there aren't any gems on here, because there are...just not enough.

2½ Songs that start with "i" out of 5

Songs Of Note: I Don't Really Love You Anymore; In An Operetta

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