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Monday, November 21, 2011

CANIBUS / Rip The Jacker [2003]

Canibus has been the constant victim of ridicule from both critics and peers alike, so it must have been very gratifying following the critical acclaim of his fifth album, Rip The Jacker.
Produced by Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind (one half of Jedi Mind Tricks), Rip is still Canibus' crowning glory. With his beautifully pronounced and precise delivery, Canibus' razor-sharp descriptive imagery is expressive, educated and seething with manic scorn. Filled with samples from Portishead, Kenji Kawaii, Phillip Glass' Candyman, Angelo Badalamenti's Twin Peaks and a vast array of classic hip-hop of yesteryear Rip is a what's what of music genres.
This unique little gem of an album has constantly baffled me with awe upon each listen and for good reason.

4 Twilight Zones out of 5

Songs Of Note: No Return; Poet Laureate II

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