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Thursday, November 24, 2011

PJ HARVEY / Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea [2000]

Taking a break from the raw, dirty and aggressive sound of her previous albums, Polly Jean Harvey opted for more of a melodic, positive sound on 2000's Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea. It may not pack the angry punch of her earlier work but Harvey still keeps her passion for music firmly intact.
Charged with a brand new lust for life but a careful understanding of the dangers it could bring, Stories is a beautifully composed album best listened to at night with a glass of wine and a canvas to paint on.
It's not the Harvey we were used to but certainly one we could bear to hear some more from. A career highlight indeed.

4 Yorkes out of 5

Songs Of Note: A Place Called Home; Kamikaze

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Lyedecker said...

this one brings back vivid memories for me