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Saturday, November 19, 2011

DANZIG / Danzig (1988)

Better known at the time as the former Misfits front man, and after some experimenting with an interim project named Samhain, the Evil Elvis pulled even more magic rabbits out of his hat on his classic eponymous début. Built around a number of stolen blues riffs, but still kicking ass like he always did, it gave him the opportunity to use his voice to its full effect.
It's one of the few albums I would actually petition to have re-mastered and re-released because I feel the bass is much too low in the mix. You can compensate for the situation if you have a decent amp, but you shouldn’t have to. I want it clean. I don't like having to rely on equalizers to get what should've been.

Songs of Note: Am I Demon; Mother

5 seasoned schemes out of 5

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