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Thursday, November 24, 2011

GEINOH YAMASHIROGUMI / Ecophony Rinne [1986]

Geinoh Yamashirogumi, a Japanese collective of over 100 musicians, is probably best known for their other-wordly score to the cyber-punk anime Akira.
Ecophony Rinne is the first part of an experimental trilogy, with the Akira score serving as the 2nd part and Ecophany Gaia completing the project. Composed of 4 separate movements, Rinne is an unusual masterpiece comprised of unique vocal techniques, pulsating percussion, dreamlike electronic soundscapes and fluttering string melodies.
Clocking in shy of just 40 minutes, Rinne deserves to be played loudly with your undivided attention to experience it's full effect. I highly recommended you take this journey.

5 pieces of Noh Music From Space out of 5

Songs Of Note: I. Primordial Germination [excerpt] yourself a favor and seek out the rest for the complete experience.

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Dr Faustus said...

This is fantastic. I have Akira and was aware of this but until now had never heard anything from it. It's going right on my list of things to get.