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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SLAYER / World Painted Blood [2009]

After 5 lacklustre albums in a row Slayer's World Painted Blood is a welcome return to the tightly wound, melodic drum heavy thrash punk of their past.
Tom Araya's vocal delivery is his best yet, with every lyric easily decipherable yet never losing any of it's foaming-at-the-mouth impact. Unfortunately Araya's bass playing seems to get buried underneath Dave Lombardo's skull rattling drumming.
Clocking in under 40 minutes, World Painted Blood is a fast paced album that is sure to please fans of Slayer classics Reign In Blood or Hell Awaits. It may not be as good as their classics but it's a damn fine turn into the right direction.

3 Elizabeth Báthory's out of 5

Songs Of Note: Americon; Psychopathy Red

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Dr Faustus said...

Agreed. The work between South of Heaven and this didn't excite me like a Slayer album should. It's been a while since I heard this. I'll remedy that later.