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Thursday, November 24, 2011

BLINK-182 / Neighborhoods [2011]

After 20 years of being a band it's inevitable that your initial sound is going to change significantly over time. That's just what former pop-punksters blink 182 have done on their 6th studio album, Neighborhoods.
Shadowed by the loss of several close friends, a fatal plane crash, severe depression and some very public fights between band members, Neighborhoods goes to some very dark places. The punk rock influences of Fugazi, NoFX & The Descendants can still be heard but this is closer to the dance pop traits of The Cure, Oingo Boingo & The Police.
It may not be as experimental, solid or as focused as their 2003 self-titled album but it still establishes a constantly evolving sound for the band that's barely recognizable as those naked dog-fuckers of the 90's.

3 dead man's parties out of 5

Songs Of Note: Ghost On The Dancefloor; After Midnight

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