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Monday, November 28, 2011

NINE INCH NAILS / Still (2002)

Still is a stripped back acoustic session of mostly old NIN songs played on piano, guitar, synth and drums. It’s intimate, haunting and occasionally intense; often sounding like the band is playing in your front room.  It has one new track not available elsewhere but it's the achingly beautiful renditions of fan favourites that really make it worthwhile.
Trent is nearly always whining about something but here it sounds like a cathartic release and not an angry tirade.  If you’re a NIN fan and don’t have this already, it’s an essential addition to your collection.  It can only be purchased from the NIN website but is well worth it.

Songs of Note: Something I Can Never Have; The Fragile

5 heartfelt moments of anguish and tranquillity out of 5

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