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Sunday, November 20, 2011

THERAPY? / Troublegum [1994]

N. Ireland's Therapy? should have been huge but something went wrong.
After the success of the previous album, Nurse (1992), fans were hyped for a new Therapy? release; myself included, the live show for that album was fantastic.
What we got confused a lot of people.  All the usual elements were in place: quick 3 minute punk inspired songs, dark cynical lyrics, a sing-a-long chorus and the thick chuggy guitars but it was… power pop?  Whut?  Initially I had mixed feelings about it but revisiting it over the years it's grown on me, like some form of lazy mould.  It’s probably their most accessible release and is perfect for hopping out of the shower and dancing around while trying to find your snuggie.

Songs of Note: Knives, Trigger Inside

3 power punk pop people out of 5

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