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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD / Metal Box (1979)

PiL's second album pushed the boundaries even more of what experimental music could be. Jah Wobble's bass was again to the fore but was this time accompanied by Keith Levene's fully aluminium guitar, both of which helped lift John Lydon's vocals to something truly unique. Pretentious art students and music theorists loved it. It sounds as unique today as it did back in '79.
The original packaging was a 12" metal film can (pictured) with three vinyl records inside. When it was reissued in regular packaging (double vinyl, gatefold) the name was changed to Second Edition. Years later, a CD edition paid homage to the original design, packaged in a CD-size metal tin. I have it. It's sexy.

Songs of Note: Albatross; The Suit

4 they love you until they know you out of 5

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