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Sunday, November 20, 2011

JEFF BUCKLEY / Sketches For... [1998]

Full title: Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk

Buckley’s voice in unique, sometimes it’s overly effeminate, soft and soothing and other times it’s full of violent anguish with a poetic beauty in the lyrics that reminds me of Leonard Cohen, not musically but lyrically.  His brand of alternative rock is intensely personal and can be a draining experience for the new listener but if you feel that he speaks to you through his music then you’ll fall in love.
Sketches… is a double album of unfinished demo recordings and studio works released posthumously; it's a fractured listening experience but has become my favourite of his.  It's perhaps not the best place to start, I would recommend Grace (1994) for that.

Songs of Note: Nightmares by the Sea; Haven't You Heard

4 dead too soon out of 5

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The Masked Ndi said...

The best word I can think to describe Buckley's voice is soaring. He's able to sing so mournfully and there's still something about his work that feels almost uplifting. Nightmares by the Sea is a wonderful tune.

4.5 bottled thoughts out of 5.