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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

PETER GABRIEL - Scratch My Back [2010]

Scratch My Back is the first half of a project that will probably never be complete. Peter Gabriel recorded a dozen cover songs, while his inflated ego hoped the artists he covered would be happy to return the favor.
Gabriel challenges himself by only allowing an orchestra to back him up, with the occasional piano and choir to add color. It's extremely effective for the better half, even if it does come off as a bit too melodramatic in a few brief moments.
Shadowed by a heavy dose of melancholy it's a difficult album to listen to front to back but for the most part it's quite good, apart from a few stinkers.

4 "Oh, it's produced by Bob Ezrin! No wonder it sounds like Floyd!" out of 5

Songs Of Note: Flume; Aprés Moi

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