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Thursday, November 24, 2011

DANZIG / Danzig IV: 4p (1994)

aka White Devil Rising

My favourite Danzig album to date, and quite possibly equal even to Glenn's Misfits work in my estimation. It's also the hardest one to review thus far.
It starts out as a bellowing natural progression from Danzig III (1992), but then changes significantly. The third track, Can't Speak (see below) introduces backward guitar, distorted vocals and complex drum techniques that might catch you off guard on a first play; they certainly made me sit up and listen. From then on it's a mixed bag of old and new but always expressive and supremely competent.
It may take weeks or even months to fully appreciate the work, to completely penetrate the quiet, brooding moments that seem filled with deep secrecy.
Ultimately, IV is the most diverse and complex release of their career and the last of the good albums for quite some time.

Songs of Note: Can't Speak; I Don't Mind the Pain

5 bleeding emissaries out of 5

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