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Thursday, November 24, 2011

TWO STEPS FROM HELL / Archangel [2011]

Film Trailer Music Production company Two Steps From Hell's Archangel, the second album released to the public, is everything you expect it to be.
Filled with loud, choral pieces with layer and layers of tin can sounding orchestrated bits littered with metallic sounding drum tapping. Basically it's a watered down version of Hans Zimmer's RC productions without the heart and soul. A predictable mess of ADD manboy "sensitive" sounding warrior pieces that are all digestible in small doses. After 5 or 6 of these things it just gets really boring.
Granted there are a few interesting pieces but for the most part it's just monotonous and loud.

2 "epic" cues out of 5

Songs Of Note: Nero; Dark Harbor

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