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Monday, November 28, 2011

NEIL YOUNG / Chrome Dreams II (2007)

Neil Young needs no introduction; he's that old guy that old guys listen to. I don't much like his rocking Crazy Horse albums, but I adore his solo acoustic stuff. Chrome Dreams II is closer in spirit to the latter but has a lot of the former, and somehow manages to be the best thing he's released since Harvest Moon (1992). Even Neil knows it, hence the title (go research it). Listen to the 18 minute 'Ordinary People' and you'll understand why I love everything about this. It's perhaps his last great hurrah and, aside from one turd, as close to perfect as he can still get(?).

Songs of Note: Beautiful Bluebird, Ordinary People

5 old guys know what's what out of 5


Lyedecker said...

funny, i prefer the crazy horse grunge to his folksy solo stuff

Dr Faustus said...

It's cool that he can swing back and forth and appeal to different people.