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Sunday, November 27, 2011

CARTER U.S.M / 101 Damnations (1989)

Carter U.S.M. were two people, a drum machine and a synthesiser. It's a late 80s alternative synth punk fusion that appealed to a new generation of discontented young voters. They were the poets of the working class in 1990s Britain. They sang odes to the underdog and the socially inept. They gave a voice to the losers in crappy accommodation and the homeless bums that lurked around the rear of the local student union building. In short, they were what Britain needed at that time. 101 Damnations may sound dated now, but the lyrics are as relevant as ever.

Songs of Note: 24 Minutes From Tulse Hill; Sheriff Fatman

3½ teeth as deposit out of 5


cuckoo77 said...

I loved these guys right off the bat...4 from me.

Synth-glam pogo-punk? And the lyrics are a perfect blend of the bitter and the hilarious tongue in cheek.

I wonder...did you have a difficult time going back & forth between and 3½ & a 4?

Dr Faustus said...

:rofldata: I did my usual ...out of 10 then halve it. I judged this one against the rest of their albums because I know them so well. I saw them live twice, it was amazing. First time it was just the two guys and second time they had a live drummer.